Welcome to the Arathana, “United Church of India – South Florida” Church’s Official Website. The goal of our ministry is to spread the word of god and proclaim the gospel of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the mission of our Church Arathana is to know Him and make Him known. In our website, you will find all information about our church and events. May the Lord bless you. We would be glad to hear from you.


நீங்கள் உங்கள் சரீரங்களைப் பரிசுத்தமும் தேவனுக்குப் பிரியமுமான ஜீவபலியாக ஒப்புக்கொடுக்கவேண்டுமென்று, தேவனுடைய இரக்கங்களை முன்னிட்டு உங்களை வேண்டிக்கொள்ளுகிறேன்; இதுவே நீங்கள் செய்யத்தக்க புத்தியுள்ள ஆராதனை.

-ரோமர் 12:1

I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.

-Romans 12:1


Visit us in person at our Sunday worship services at 2:00 pm and receive showers of Blessings. For location and directions please check the about us page. Arathana, “United Church of India – South Florida” is a South Asian, Tamil based Christian Church in the Miami, Broward and Palm Beach tri-county Area.